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Artwork of O.V. Shaffer


St. Paul's Episcopal Church is home to nine sculptures by mid 20th century artist O.V. Shaffer.

"I've done a number of pieces for the Episcopal church, mainly because I am Episcopalian. And this was my church. So, I told them okay, I'll do it..." said Shaffer of his largest and most central piece, "Christ on the Cross" (pictured here.)

O.V. Shaffer is interred at The Chapel of Joseph of Arimathea at St. Paul's.

"Christ on the Cross"
O.V. Shaffer
Welded Bronze


"Baptismal Font"
O.V. Shaffer
Hammered Bronze Sheet


"Crown of Thorns"
O.V. Shaffer
Welded Bronze Sheet



O.V. Shaffer
Welded Bronze Sheet.

This pair of angels appears on the sanctuary doors.

O.V. Shaffer Collection Photo Tour

About O.V. Shaffer
January 26, 1928 - February 16, 2021


Owen Verne Shaffer, "Verne," a graduate of Beloit College, class of 1950, was a prolific artist whose  sculptures still grace Beloit, Janesville, Rockford, Chicago and many of communities.

The artist might be best known to the state line area for his giant, outdoor, public sculptures like "Dancers" at Sinnissippi Park in Rockford and "The Landing" in Beloit.

His legacy of religious art has become part of the aesthetic of St. Paul's. He is fondly remembered.

(Photo credit: Beloit Daily News)

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